30 June 2021

Tips to Buy and Store Leather Bags Like A Pro

Handbags when not in use may bend, sag, fade or become damaged if not stored correctly. Storing leather bags properly and taking care of them can help extend their longevity. In this article, we have shared some of the tips by leather bags suppliers China to buy and store the handbags the right way and keep them look new!

How to Buy the Best Handbags?

When buying handbags, there are certain factors to consider, such as—


To buy the handbag, the foremost thing you should consider is the size— what all essentials you want to carry in that bag. Depending on your choice and requirement, whether you are buying a handbag for college, office, party or casual outgoings, choose the size that best fits you and your requirements.


Today there are myriad handbag styles available in the market— from satchel to tote, hobo, backpacks, printing handbags to wallets and clutches. The options are endless. But choosing the right handbag style to meet your need, occasion and personality are paramount. If you are looking for an everyday, casual yet classy handbag, buy leather handbags. They are evergreen handbag that never goes out of fashion— and is surely a style statement.


Don’t always get influenced by ‘low price’ tags— they can actually break your expectations. It is always worth buying from the leading leather bags suppliers China to get assured your hard-earned money is well spent! Buying a good quality handbag can be an investment indeed.

By embracing a few simple and quick handbag storage tops you can make your bag collection look neat, beautiful and spick-and-span like a new one! Keeping bags, the right way is also important to ensure it upholds functionality and beauty.

How to Keep Your Handbags When Not in Use?

The most important part to keep your purses the right way is understanding how to protect them to better longevity. Before keeping your handbag back in your wardrobe or closet for storage, it is important to ensure you follow a few basic yet vital steps for preserving the beauty and functionality of the handbags.

Clean your handbag thoroughly

Whenever you keep your handbag back in the wardrobe or store it on the shelf after using it— never forget to clean them. Leather bag manufacturers and suppliers always suggest using a leather cleaner or another suitable cleaner for whatever fabric your handbag is made of. Moreover, after cleaning the bag make sure it gets completely dry before keeping it in your wardrobe or shelf.

Always use a dust bag

Whether you are fond of printing handbags or classy leather bags, use dust bags to store them. It helps to protect the bag’s exterior from light and dust, and also from accidental damages. They safeguard your handbag against fungus growth which can be caused by moisture.

Retain the shape of your handbag

Keeping the bags in proper shape is very important to maintain their actual beauty and look. You should use a bag base shaper to protect the base of the handbag— it keeps bags safe from sagging at the bottom. Also, you can stuff paper, air bubble bag, packing bubbles or bag pillow inside the handbag to keep the bag in its original shape.

Keep some gap between bags

Don’t keep all the bags together— leave some space between each bag to avoid damage to the bag’s outside material. The low-quality handbags if kept together without enough space, the colours can get transferred between the bags. You can use shelf dividers to store handbags on the shelves.

Flaunt your handbag collection on a dedicated shelf

Nowadays, girls and women like getting a dedicated wardrobe or closet for showing off their handbag collections. Keeping handbags on shelves is a great way to store bags in a designer way and see them clearly.

Final Thoughts-

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