20 July 2021

Why Nylon Bags Are So Popular Among Travellers?

Many people are often confused about which fabric is suitable for backpacks— polyester or nylon! People mistakenly believe that nylon is sturdy and lasting, whereas polyester is cheaper and of bad quality. Both of these assertions are untrue. The fact is both fabrics are ideal for travel backpacks, according to the leading nylon bag manufacturers.

In reality, polyester and nylon are quite similar according to the nylon handbag manufacturers. Conventional materials like cotton and leather are heavier, weaker, and less durable.

According to expert tote handbag manufacturers, fabric quality, weight, durability, and appearance will all play a part in influencing which fabric is best for you.

Benefits: What Makes Nylon Bags Popular?

Good Elasticity

Nylon is extremely flexible in comparison to other materials, allowing it to comfortably hold huge quantities of stuff without tearing. Furthermore, the material’s great elasticity allows it to revert to its former shape without creases or folds after being expanded. On stretching it out, the fibres typically turn thinner and flexible yet maintaining their durability and strength. Many tote handbag manufacturers ensure the quality of nylon bags is not affected at any cost!

Low Absorbency Rate

Since nylon is waterproof by nature, any type of liquid, water or oil that splashes on it will instantly roll off the surface and the nylon will stay dry. These qualities make nylon bags an attractive option if you’re heading to a tropical country, as other bags made of absorbent fabrics could easily become drenched and ruin the stuff within.

Easy To Wash and Clean

When it comes to polyester versus nylon bags, one of the perks of this material is its convenience to clean and wash. Because filth will not really stick to the fabric’s dry surface, it can be easily wiped away or cleaned properly with a wet wipe. Furthermore, nylon may be cleaned and returned to its natural form and look. However most tote bags manufacturers advice not to use hot water to clean the bags, as it can lead to wrinkles on the fabrics.

Mildew Resistant

Unlike other textiles which might continue to form mildew when subjected to moist environments and sunlight, nylon is completely mildew, mold, and fungal resistant, regardless of how and where it is used. It’s also vulnerable to pests like insects, as well as alkalinity in the surroundings.

Resistance And Strength

Nylon is a robust material that really doesn’t end up losing its tensile strength over time. Also, it’s one of the lightweight and durable materials accessible. This fabric is also extremely durable and has a superior intensity ratio. It can keep its smooth finish for a long time, and any creases on the surface caused by everyday activities can be easily eliminated.


Nylon materials offer great draping abilities, although the quantity of the string used might differ from one product to another. For example, the lightest nylon clear textiles generally have greater draping capabilities than moderate weight nylon sheer textiles, which might not be as efficient but still drape smoothly.

Whether you want a nylon bag or polyester, it’s completely your choice and requirements. However, both works wonder in every situation!

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