10 March 2020

Know About Different Kinds of Tanning by Brown Bags Suppliers

Classic brown tanned bags are often the choice for every individual. These look smart and does not get dirty easily. There are a lot of suppliers out there who supply phenomenal quality brown bags. Talking about brown bags it is common for people to go for the tanned ones for their classier and stylish look.

Tanning might sound like a one simply colouring process but is not so. Bags are often tanned in multiple ways. According to the tanning process, the price of the bag also varies considerably.

Hence, it is good to know about this stuff well in advance before you are purchasing any kind of bag. The leading brown bags suppliers thus share these common tanning process that gives you a brief overview of how bags are tanned.

So, let us have a look at the most commonly used tanning techniques and price variations associated with them:

Know About Different Kinds of Tanning by Brown Bags Suppliers

Importance of Tanning:

Before knowing about different tanning process let us first understand what is tanning and why is it so important to have tanning in our bags.

Tanning basically is a process that helps in preserving the leather which is animal skin with the help of a material called tannis. Tannis basically is a type of protein that helps in making the skin flexible and restore is qualities.

This is one of the most important steps of leather production. Tanning being the initial stage if something goes wrong here then leather quality gets highly affected. This is why this step is very important says leading brown bags manufacturers.

Types of Tanning:

Chrome Tanning:

The chrome tanning process is done via chemicals mostly chromium and some other elements which is why the bags manufactured from chrome tanning are quite cheap. It does not take a lot of time to tan the bag with chrome tanning, unlike other tanning methodologies.

This is something that makes chrome tanning very popular. This can be called as a synthetic tanning process as is chemically done. This tanning process is not quite eco-friendly. Also, with this method measures are taken to do proper disposal of all the elements.

The chemical used in chrome tanning could be harmful to the environment says leading brown bags manufacturer. Hence, proper treatment and disposal are very important when it comes to chrome tanning.

Vegetable Tanning:

Another popular tanning process is the vegetable tanning which is achieved through natural means. In this method, tanning is done with the help of natural elements. It thus takes more time than chrome tanning to complete.

This tanning method is also environment-friendly. All these things make the bags with vegetable tanning quite expensive.

It might be your classic blue bag from leading blue bags suppliers or a black one. It is going to have phenomenal quality leather with vegetable tanning.

So, know what you pay for and ensure that you get the best you are looking for. For more information about handbags and purses stay tuned.

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