5 January 2021

4 Advices from Top Leather Bags Suppliers China to Keep Your Leather Bags Perfect Lifelong!

For every woman, a genuine leather bag is a huge investment. It needs a lot of care to ensure it lasts you well. However, many times no matter what we do, we usually end up making the little mistakes that can cost us greatly.

In this blog, we have shared advices from top leather bags suppliers China about some common mistakes you might be making with your precious leather bags, and how to easily avoid them!

Mistake #1. Keeping Your Bags All Together

Every woman has heaps of bags in their wardrobe— all stacked and stored in one cabinet. However, keeping all your handbags together, especially leather, can be a bad decision. Although your efforts are undoubtedly lauded, you might not be doing justice to your expensive bags. Leather bags might be suffering at the hands of unbreathable synthetic and other plastic materials all stuffed together in a dark, cold place. That’s why it very important to store your handbags separately in an organic bag in a dry place, keeping them away from other synthetic bags.

Mistake #2. Hanging Them Using a Screw/Nail

Hanging not only your leather handbags, even other handbags with a screw or hook is the worst thing you can do to them! Handbags get pulled down by their weight and very soon start losing their integrity. It is advisable to store your leather bag in a cabinet with enough space for it and avoid the springy, misshaped look! The Embroidery handbags suppliers also have the same thing to say for keeping embroidery handbags safe and intact.

Mistake #3. Keeping Them in Open Display

Every woman has a collection of beautiful handbags that they treasure. However, by showing them as awards by keeping them open, you are not only letting dust and dirt stick but making the handbags soak up all the grime! This applies not only to leather handbags, but also to embroidery, printed, and other bags too.

Mistake #4. Leaving your Bag Stuffed

Whenever coming back from work or college, do you really even bother about emptying your bag? Have you ever thought about the biscuit crumbs or liquid lipstick that fell inside the other day? This is not just unhealthy but also bad for your beautiful, expensive leather bag. Undoubtedly, it is impractical to empty bag contents daily, but make sure to do it at least twice or thrice in a week to expand your bag’s life and beauty.

It is surprising to see that although we pay such a big price for genuine leather, we ignore it to preserve its grace and look. When printing handbags minute errors may usually occur, but with the best care, you can always keep your handbags sturdy and fine-looking for longer! So, avoid these small mistakes and make your handbags last for years!

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