11 February 2020

Washing Tips for Embroidered Bags by Embroidered Bags Manufacturers

Embroidered bags have always been popular for their versatility and style. Manufacturers of these bags have lots and lots of designs to offer in different embroidered bags.

It is always wonderful to have a beautiful embroidered bag as a part of your wardrobe. But, the issue that many people face is of washing it. Improper washing often destroys the embroidery on the bag that takes away its charm and beauty.

Hence, it is really important that washing on any embroidered bag is carefully done. The leading embroidered bags manufacturers here comes with some amazing tips that will help you wash your bag without causing any kind of damage to the embroidery.

Thus, follow these simple tips and you will be good to go. Let us have a look at these steps for washing an embroidered bag:

Washing Tips for Embroidered Bags by Embroidered Bags  Manufacturers

Analyze the Stain:

Analyzing the stain might sound a little fancy but this is what one must actually do in order to ensure that the stain is gone. If the stain happens to happen in front of you it will be best to wipe it off gently with water with a soft handkerchief.

This will solve most of your problems while washing it. But most of the time the stains occur when we do not notice them. For fighting such issues also you need to follow the same step later on.

If the stain is dried and thick on the surface of your bag before using water use a dry handkerchief to get rid of it. Ensure that the layer of the stain is removed from your beautiful embroidered bag. This is truly important says leading embroidery handbags suppliers.

Use Little Bit of Detergent Water:

Don’t just pour a lot of detergent on the stain. Make a light solution with a little concentration and with the help of a handkerchief rub it gently on the stain. It is a common misconception that using too much detergent will get rid of the stain quicker.

This might rather end up degrading the quality of your handbag. Hence, avoid using a highly concentrated amount of detergent. Also, always go for organic detergents. The embroidery is more prone to get damaged with the use of synthetic detergent as said by embroidered bags manufacturers.

Do Not Try to Scratch Out the Stain:

There lie few kinds of stains that fade with time. Hence, never just try to scratch it till the end at once. Even after following the above set of steps you can see few traces of stain on your bag leave it like that.

Wait for at least two-three days to do another wash. Rubbing too much continuously often leads to bigger issues. Hence, make sure you don’t do this mistake.

Follow these tips by embroidery handbags suppliers and you will be good to go. These are quick and easy tips and will help you get rid of that nasty stain from your handbag without damaging its beauty in any form.

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