9 June 2020

Understand the Difference B/W Full Colour & Ink Printing by Hobo Bags Suppliers

Printed bags have become one of the most commonly used handbags. One of the major reasons for this is because of the flexibility that comes with these bags allowing people to print the bags in the way like.

Well, when it comes to printing the process is not that easy. Knowing about printing techniques and style is both an interesting ad complex. It is now possible to get classic prints on all kinds of bag whether it is a tote or a hobo bag.

Leading hobo bag suppliers are also providing their customers several options to beautifully design the prints of the bags which are then being printed in the manufacturer’s factory. But sometimes it is important to know how the printing process follows and what are the ways in which it is done.

Today, in this blog we are going to look at the same. Colour printing and ink printing are the most commonly used printing techniques in handbags. Let us understand these two techniques and know the difference between them:

Understand the Difference B/W Full Colour & Ink Printing by Hobo Bags Suppliers

Ink Printing:

Ink printing is used when we want the complete bag to be of the same colour. It is referred to as 100% ink printing. This means that the complete bag will be printed in the same colour all over.

For magnificent and royal touch in bags, this kind of printing technique is highly used. This printing technique comes with a finishing that looks astonishing and beautiful. It gives a back a soft texture.

Also, when done correctly by leading hobo bags manufacturers this printing comes stain free. Not only this, it is free from colour bleeding problems. Hence, ink printing is a good printing technique in handbags.

Full-Colour Printing:

The name of this process could be a little bit misleading and one might confuse it with the printing of bags all throughout in the same colour. Well, that is not the case. Full-colour printing is used for the complex designs where the spot colours are just not enough to do justice with the design.

It is in this case full-colour printing shows its magic with photographic image using visual effects. This is a little high-tech printing process in comparison to the ink printing but we can say that both have their own purposes and benefits.


As we can deduce from the definitions of the two-ink printing is done when it is required to colour a bag 100% in one colour. On the other hand, full colouring is preferred when it comes to using different colours for prints.

Although both methods are fantastic but when it comes to comparison ink printing is more reliable than full colour printing.

So, this was all about different printing process in handbags and purses. To know more about techniques involved in the making of the best china embroidery handbags connect to us. So, get the perfect handbag in the printing style of your choice.

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