10 November 2018

Clean your Bag the Right Way by Leather Bags Manufacturer

You might have invested a lot in buying the classy branded leather bag. And, so its normal for you to wish that your bag look amazing and phenomenal for really long. And, what you need to do for it is, clean it properly without damaging the bag.

When it comes to real leather cleaning really gets tricky. One has to be sure about the content and composition used for cleaning, the amount of any chemicals and also the kind of stain. Does not freak out? As we have brought something that will solve your problem.

You really don’t need to worry so much if you know the little cleaning hacks and implement them with your bags. The leading leather bags manufacturer bring for you the following cleaning hacks that will give your leather bag an amazing look at keeping it clean and new for years.

Clean your Bag the Right Way by Leather Bags Manufacturer

First of All, Don’t:

Before we discuss the easy hacks to clean the leather bag let us know a few important things that you should never do. You might try cleaning your leather bag with water, but wait you can’t use it as much as you like as it can result in a stain.

Also, while cleaning your leather bag make sure that you never use ammonia. Hence, make sure that the content you are using for cleaning does not have ammonia or strong bleach based content in it, as this might clean the bag but stealing away its phenomenal look.

Hence, shoulder bags manufacturer advice to ensure such kind of small thing.

Cleaning Tips:

For Grease & Oil Like Stamps Use Baking Soda/Corn Starch:

Baking soda or corn starch have the capability of absorbing oil which makes it useful for the leather bag cleaning purpose. All you have to do is put some baking soda or corn starch on the oily stain and rub it with a soft cloth.

Then leave it as it is for a few hours, and after that clean it with a cloth. The exposure of the oily stain to baking soda will make the powder absorb all the oil making the bag stain free. This is one of the easy tips as given by leading leather bags manufacturer.

For Ink Stains Use Nail Polish Remover or Alcohol:

If the stain is of ink then you will have to be little gentle and soft on it, and nicely clean it with alcohol or nail polish remover. For this dip, cotton in the nail paint remover and gently keep it on the stain.

Don’t rub it hard as this may lead in the spread of the ink stain. After the stain is gone, wipe the surface with a soft hand using a clean cloth. This will dry the leather surface and bring back its shine.

Follow these easy cleaning tips given by leading shoulder bags manufacturer China and make your leather bag restore its classy look.

Hence, next time you see a stain on your bag do not freak out. Rather handle it gently.

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