19 November 2019

Choosing Between Nylon & Polyester by Nylon Bags Manufacturers

Both nylon and polyester bags are being used by people all across the world. Their amazing properties have made them a good choice to be used as a fabric for a backpack.

When it comes to choosing the perfect bag, we get a lot of ideas regarding design. But the place, where people often get confused is when it comes to choosing between two fabrics. Especially when the fabrics are nylon and polyester which are similar in many ways.

If you are also in this dilemma then you have come to the right place. Here we will compare polyester and nylon that will help you decide between the two:

How Are these Made?

Talking about the composition and the way these are made is quite the same. Both of them are extracted from petroleum and both are synthetically made. The way these are manufactured and the variance in the composition sets them different in some of their properties.

We will here have a look at these properties and understand them in detail. So, let us see how polyester is different from nylon as stated by nylon bags manufacturers:

Water Absorbent:

Nylon has a tendency to absorb water and expand. It has been observed that after absorbing water it is common for nylon to expand to 3.5 % of its original size. To solve this issue leading suppliers like Smart Handbags often provide several coatings in the bag so that water does not get absorbed by nylon.

Polyester, on the other hand, is water-resistant. The nature of polyester is hydrophobic hence, does not absorb water. It might absorb a little water sometimes says PU bags suppliers China.

Hence, nylon and polyester might look quite similar but their behavior to water is quite different.

Durability & Strength:

Nylon and polyester both are highly durable. They can last long and are worth paying for. It is often considered that polyester is slightly more durable than nylon. This is because of its water-resistant quality over nylon.

Also, color does not get easily fade away on polyester. Even with nylon durability is good as far as the bag is not used roughly. But if you make your purchase from the top nylon bags manufacturers you have got excellent durability.

Recycling Tendency:

For environmental reasons, both nylon and polyester can be recycled. Recycling nylon is a tougher job than recycled polyester. You can easily get recycled bags of both nylon and polyester in the market.

Leading PU bags suppliers China will provide you with the best quality recycled bags. Hence, if we are talking about being environment friendly even care of that can be easily taken.

Hence, to answer the question nylon and polyester both are a good choice for handbags and purses. It all depends on the way you are going to use it. With these differences we hope that you are clear with the circumstances of when to go for nylon and when for polyester.

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